Clothes to wash like this, super practical washing science.

A winter do not want to take a bath, not because of fear of the cold, but because a bath, will change a pile of large and small clothes, do not want to wash clothes so do not want to take a bath, as if into a cycle do not love clean.



And worst of all, most winter clothes need to be washed by hand!

Do not count on washing machine, give everybody popular science today a few solve painful little clever move

Make winter laundry simple and effective!


I. brief introduction of wash and protect mark

Translated and finishing, small make up the symbol is divided into seven categories, respectively is washing symbol, bleach symbol, flip dry symbols, natural drying, ironing symbols, professional washing juju number (dry), professional precept of wash (wet cleaning), we can consider the washing instructions below small ICONS, let laundry no longer blind.


◆washing means washing with ordinary washing machine or hand washing. It should be noted that the water temperature here does not mean that the clothes must be washed at this temperature, but the highest water temperature that the clothes can withstand. For example, the highest water temperature is 50℃, and any water temperature below 50℃is acceptable.


Two, wash clothes maintenance knowledge




Feather velvet suit

In recent years down jacket can be said to be very popular, become fashionable youth so beloved, its superior warm preservation effect, let it become the first choice of cold of a lot of people again

Keep warm and fashionable at the same time

Q:Why hand wash?

A: on the inside of the cotton-padded and down jackets, there is A small label printed with care and washing instructions. 90% (coated) down jackets are marked to be washed by hand. Do not dry clean or machine wash.

And machine wash and shake dry, by twist the down down jacket after stirring, easy cause filling material thin thick unevenness, make clothings out of shape, affect beautiful and keep warm sex.

Q:How to clean down jacket?

A:1. Soak the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes, then dissolve the detergent into 30 degrees of warm water, then soak the down jacket for 15 minutes, then gently knead and turn it to dissolve the dirt, then rub A little soap on the collar, chest and other places, and then scrub it with A soft brush according to the fabric structure;

Rinse with warm water to help the detergent dissolve.

Wash down jacket is best to choose sunny days, timely drying, to prevent mildew.

2, if you must use laundry powder to clean down jacket, usually two washbasin water into 4 to 5 tablespoons of laundry powder is appropriate, if the concentration is too high, difficult to rinse clean, down residual laundry powder, will affect the down fluffy, greatly reduce the warmth, therefore, it is best to use neutral detergent.

3, if the down jacket is only a little dirty, it is not necessary to clean the whole.

Because fabrics of general down jacket are not afraid of water, want to be in smudgy place only a few drops collar is clean or catharsis is clever, wipe with wet towel after a few minutes can decontaminate.

If it's not clean, repeat it a few more times.

Q:How to take care of down jacket?

A: the down jacket should never be wrung out. It should be squeezed out and then laid flat or hung up to dry. Do not expose to the sun or iron to avoid scalding the clothes.

Afterair drying, can pat gently, make cotton-padded jacket, down jacket restore fleeciness and softness.


Recommend a method first today, how, do you think winter laundry is not so difficult ~