Don't buy these skincare products! See if you stepped on the thunder!

In this issue, I would like to take a look at all the "thunder" I stepped on in the past year, so that you can keep your babies from falling into the pit.

Say not much, follow small make up to see you step on "thunder", have not?

1. Aloe vera gel of nature hall paradise

Aloe gel of this nature hall, that also is a very red web celebrity product comes, the only advantage that it gives me is cheap, the rest of that all over is a shortcoming.

When first opened, there is a strong smell of aloe vera essence, and in this mixture of flavors there is also a pungent alcohol taste mixed together.

Obviously more alcohol than aloe vera.

It is easy to form colloidal particles on our face after use, which is very difficult to wash off, and it is also easy to cause the clogging of our skin pores.

It is very useful, but it is not useful at all. Although it is cheap, there is no need to waste money.


2. [klay silk mask]

This kelisi mask also belongs to the famous mask to come, very famous, but it is really disappointing to use, is obviously a conceptual product, not a bit of reality.

When it apply is on the face, just as apply a clingfilm is same, and the phenomenon that still can appear to rub mud after taking down, the effect that fill water also is blown actually rise, apply is over not the skin of a short while begins to dry, besides the price is a bit cheaper really, that still does not have merit really.


3. [eperannia coix seed water]

In the understanding of ya ya, coix seed it is to be able to help our skin to achieve whitening and moisturizing a kind of ingredients to come, but in this coix seed water, really is a little moisturizing with whitening skin effect did not feel.

After the face it is still very sticky, skin is also very difficult to absorb, I thought it was my own problem, to my colleagues to try it is the same.

And it has a strong flavor flavor is particularly unpleasant.

After using, it is easy to cause pore clog long acne, skin was a little red blood silk, after using found that red blood silk also become more.

Really in addition to cheap bowl good for nothing, but also understand, after all, a penny a point goods, the price of radish can only buy radish, buy not ginseng.


4. [yuxi ganoderma revitalizing spray essence]

Yu xi does not know to still calculate not be domestic goods brand, although be China is established, but had been bought by l 'oreal.

Originally I was using their home foundation liquid feel cost-effective or good, so also followed by their home of this essence, in fact, it is the essence, but I think it can only be used as makeup water, no advantage, if really calculate the advantages, may be more affordable price.

Its nozzle design is really bad, spray water mist is not uniform and not fine, there is a strong taste of ganoderma, if you like the taste is ok, if you do not like it is difficult to accept, humidity effect is also very general, as essence spray or far.


5. [BlackmoresVE facial cream]

This ice cream, was also a very popular, almost bought a bottle.

What beautiful white, protect wet, fight oxidation to wait for a variety of problems to be able to improve, and still suit any skin to pledge, anyhow be kua feeling this is the face frost of a god class.

Originally I have some questions, fan bingbing will also use dozens of dollars a bottle of face cream?

Do not give up I still got a bottle of, after taking one's hand to use the feeling that gives me is very bad, taste very smelly do not say, a bit of extensibility does not have, go up face hind is pushed very hard, after using did not absorb also just, return me stuffy a face blain, really bad arrive useless......


Well, the above is small make up in 18 years of a few "thunder", so here again remind you fairy fairy little baby must according to their skin and skin needs to plant grass and pull weeds, do not blindly follow, after all, suitable for their own is the best oh.